Why Student Law Societies are Useful and Important

Many school leavers make decisions about their future on what they have been exposed to in the media and on television. While a few may google and visit the colleges relevant to the degree, they want to study, and in actual fact, the decisions are based on a false image of what they perceive the career to consist of.

Many young people enter the law profession with a particular ideology in place which may not be true What Student Law Societies offer students.

• Like Minded Interaction

The first important aspect to Student Law Societies is that there is a meeting of like-minded people. It creates a space where law students can bounce ideas around regarding issues relating to the law and their studies around the subject.

Connections are made at this level that will last a lifetime and prove invaluable in the career path of a law student.

• Skill Building

Student Law societies provide young law students with a host of skills that will be the foundation of their careers going forward. There are skills such as negotiation amongst peers and rivals opinions, the value of teamwork in solving or building a case is learned, the development of organizational ability when dealing with the volume of communication that is key in the Student Law societies.

• Improving Employability

Through membership at a Student Law society, students will be involved in exercises, events, training modules and programmes that will put them through their paces and be equipping them with real-life work skill and ‘experience’ which will set them apart from students that have not been a part of the society.

During their time as members of Student Law Societies, students will also be giving the skills to face interviewers and be armed with skills to give the best possible interview.

• Confidence

There can be no doubt that one of the biggest has to have’s for any lawyer in presenting a winning case, is confidence. The Student law societies allow members to participate in a vast variety of activities and discussions, as well as equipping the young students with a wealth of knowledge. With knowledge and practice comes confidence.

• Community Service

Student Law Societies all have a philanthropic arm where students can give back to society. While this is primarily a charity arm, it is also an added advantage on the curriculum vitae of a student when looking for employment opportunities.

• There is Some Fun Too

Besides all the previously mentioned benefits, the Student Law Societies also provide learners with a way to make friends, have fun and attend fantastic, mostly sponsored, events and get-togethers with their peers. It can make the initial year of college a whole lot less daunting for law students.

It is not hard to see why Student Law Societies are useful and important. They offer so much more to law students than just a society. This body will become the foundation upon which law students will base their careers and networks for the rest of the lives as lawyers.

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