5 Issues That Law Students Face And How To Solve Them?

Simply put, law school is hard. Here are some of the challenges that law students face from finding the right school, to how to best handle law assignments.

Issue 1: Finding the Right Law School

In the USA alone, the number of universities that offer law courses has increased considerably within the last few years. And choosing the right law school can make all the difference in your career when you graduate.

Assuming that you are confident that you can pass the requirements needed to enter law school, how do you decide which school is the best one for you?

The first thing to do is to make a list of the Universities that you want to study law in as well as the things that you are looking for in a law school. Does the location matter? What type of courses and law specialization do they offer? Do they offer scholarships and grants?

Narrow down your choices and submit your application to the top three schools of your choice.

Issue 2: Paying For Law School

Another thing that’s weighing on almost all of the people who are going to law school is the tuition as well as the living expenses. Law school is expensive, and in the USA, law schools can cost anywhere from $16,000 to $43,000 a year, not including living costs.

To pay for law school in the USA, you have several options:

• Apply for Federal Student Loans thru the FAFSA website.
• Apply for Private Student Loans for Law School
• Scholarships and Grants as well as school-specific programs

Issue 3: Dealing with Law Assignments

Getting a law degree means you have to read a lot of law books. And it’s not an exaggeration on how much time law students spend in the library because of the seemingly absurd amount of reading involved in every law assignment that is given by the professor.

The key to tackling this is to have an extremely good time management skill which is very helpful in managing what at first looks like an insurmountable amount of reading list. And, as time will go by, you will inevitably be able to master the art of picking up themes from the articles that you are reading or find important passages from a case.

Issue 4: Law School Drama

Law school is intense because you are always competing against your fellow law students for the best grades. Some of the schools give marks using a bell curve, meaning your grades depend on how you perform for the rest of the year. Some law students can get extremely competitive and a lot of backstabbing and drama can occur.

To survive and succeed in law school, try to talk to people who have gone thru the same experience. From this, you can formulate your own way of getting thru the law school drama.


Issue 5: Losing Heart

At one point or another, when there is a mountain load of cases to read and review, and when morale is low, law students find themselves questioning their choice and lose heart. Being in law school is extreme, and there are a lot of cases where students drop out because they couldn’t cope with the pressure.

To cope, prioritize the basics: diet, sleep, and exercise. This is common advice, but a lot of law students forget about this, and their overall health including morale can suffer.

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