Life As A Law Student: 7 Things You Really Have to Know

We all have heard different opinions about studying law; either from our friends or our family. However, before you take up the course, you may never exactly know what it really does involve.

Now, you have probably made up your mind and decided to become a lawyer, but you still aren’t sure about this career because everyone around you has different stories to share about studying law.

This article will challenge a few myths, debunk and confirm some, so as to help you know what it’s exactly like to become a law student.

• 1. Expect Some Competition

The legal profession is not one of those fields where ordinary people expect to see students with really high IQs. Similar to some top-rated careers like medical, engineering and commerce, this profession has immense competition too among students around the world.

Getting into this field is just as hard as any other. This is where your interest and passion for the subject will make you stand out from everyone else. Stay on the right track and study as much as you can. Trust us, this will be fruitful for you.

• 2. Books Are Going To Be Your Best Friends

Before you complain even once about this, remember this is what you signed up for. Studying law means you’re bound to research almost all the time. You have to make a stable relationship with your books.

This may be scary at first, but not impossible. Going through thousands of research papers and composing a summary is just another aspect of this job. But don’t worry, you will adjust to it.

• 3. Everyone Will Think Of You As A Lawyer Since Day 1

Just as a medical student becomes a complete doctor for every other person he knows the moment he steps into the medical college, you will become a lawyer. Your friends and acquaintances are going to visit you from time to time asking for bits of advice on things you’re not sure of.

People will assume that just because you are studying the law essay, you know every rule around. Another thing people are going to expect from you is that you follow every law, just because you know something about it. This will annoy you the most and portrait this field as a very hard and challenging one. No need to fret. If anything, this is the respect your subject has earned you.

• 4. Law Isn’t All About Courts And Cases

While there are going to be lots of cases you find annoying, there might be some exciting ones you don’t expect to appear in your books. This is just another perk of studying the subject. You will soon fall in love with the cases you research and build great interest in it. Sometimes it can be the other way around.

There are so many students around the world who opt for a law with pure love and dedication. On the other hand, some students will get tired of it. They will wrap up their love and throw it in the trash can. This is just because of the typical cases and law essays you have to go through as a student.

• 5. Time to turn Anti-social

Before you throw all your books away because you don’t want to be anti-social, listen. This might not be the case for everybody. However, there will be days you have to throw away your smartphones and chill with your research papers only.

As already mentioned, the amount of study you have to do is a lot. You can’t text all day and expect your journals to complete the assignments by themselves. If you are a proper planner though, you will be able to balance your social life and work together.

• 6. You May Want To Give Up At Some Point

Difficulty to learn new topics or to forget the previous ones will be widespread for you. This is frustrating for any student in general. Just know that these are the times you need to remind yourself how bad you want to be a lawyer.

Gradually, you will adapt, and you can ask your teachers to organize study for you as well. Stay on the right track. Don’t let yourself slip.

• 7. You Will Graduate As A Lawyer

This is your aim and what you strived for. Always know that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Your first year will be the hardest. You will often have to give your time to settle in mentally after failing to study again and again.

It’s fine. This happens to everyone. Motivate yourself every day. After all, you are on the path to following your dreams. Don’t go astray and there will come a day when your hard work will pay off.

No matter what subject you opt for at the university level, you will face some kind of challenges. Studying law also has its own ups and downs, but if you’re able to motivate yourself and balance your academic and social life, you will definitely see yourself progress.

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